LiteGait Body Weight Supported Treadmill Trainer

This device allows clients of all functional levels to walk with proper mechanics and upright posture while simultaneously facilitating coordinated lower extremity gait mechanics. The LiteGait can be adjusted to allow varying amounts of weight bearing depending on the client’s functional status and can be used with a variety of diagnoses, whether it is Neurologic, Orthopedic, or Cardiovascular in nature. In addition, the device is designed so that the clinician can assist you with proper walking mechanics in addition to allowing total freedom of motion, all while minimizing fall risk in a safe environment.

Easy Stand Evolv Stander

This device is typically used for clients who have muscle contractures, lower extremity/abdominal/ trunk weakness, and difficulty standing unsupported. The Evolv stander allows the client to assume proper, upright posture while also allowing for weight-bearing assistance. In addition, it provides increased flexibility, weight-bearing tolerance, and bone density, all in a safe and convenient environment.

Saratoga Cycle Upper Body Ergometer (UBE)

The Saratoga Cycle is designed to provide aerobic exercise by through repetitive cycling of the upper extremities. The design of this device allows for bidirectional (forward and backwards) smooth revolutions while also offering varying levels of resistance depending on the client’s level of function. In addition, it is also designed to be accessible for clients who are in wheelchairs. This machine is great for patients of all diagnoses who have impairments such as upper extremity weakness and/or aerobic de-conditioning.

Restorative Therapies Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bike

Functional Electrical Stimulation is a rehabilitation technique where electrical current is applied to an individual with a disability to enhance that person’s ability to function and live independently. The FES bike allows clients with spinal cord injuries, neurological disorders, or generalized lower extremity weakness to pedal the bike while receiving varying levels of assistance from the electrical unit. The electrical stimulation is applied to specific muscles in the legs and arms in order to optimally perform the task and increase overall strength and function. In addition, the computerized systems tracks each client’s data in order to quantify the progress being made.

Dip Rickshaw

This machine is used to provide upper extremity strengthening for clients in wheelchairs. With its adjustable handles to allow for clients of all sizes, the Dip Rickshaw will provide an optimal environment to improve upper extremity strength while also decreasing shoulder pain. This machine is also used for non-wheelchair-bound clients

Cable Weight Machine

This machine allows for all types of upper and lower extremity strengthening using an intricate cable system that allows up to 8 clients to use the same machine at once. This system includes:

    1. Vertical Bench Press: chest strengthening
    2. Seated Military Press: shoulder strengthening
    3. High/Low Pulleys: shoulder and arm strengthening
    4. Lat Pull Down: back strengthening
    5. Vertical Butterfly Chest Press: chest strengthening
    6. Vertical Adjustable High/Low Pulleys: upper and lower extremity strengthening

The cable weight machine also includes straps and handles that can be used with patients who have difficulty gripping the traditional way.

Total Gym Power Tower

No matter what our clients are training for–whether it is for restored function and mobility, endurance, stability, muscle mass or body sculpting, PowerTower can offer the functional training you need. With the press of a button, PowerTower allows for an increase or decrease of the resistance level during an exercise in progress. With virtually unlimited incremental adjustments from 3% to 72% of your body weight, Total Gym PowerTower can be used with clients with orthopedic, neurologic, cardiovascular, or balance conditions, amongst other conditions.

RECK MOTOmed Viva 2

The MOTOmed Viva 2 allows clients the ability to use this machine for both passive and active therapy, as the motor will respond to the client’s abilities by providing support when needed or allowing the client to pedal independently. This machine is designed for client’s with a wide spectrum of neurological disorders and can accommodate individuals in wheelchairs as well. We also use the MOTOmed for individuals who are deconditioned, have cardiopulmonary conditions, or have underwent hip/knee replacement surgery. Go for more information!

NuStep T5XR

The NuStep T5XR is the latest in the NuStep family and was recently redesigned to go through a larger range of motion and have a more ergonomic seating system while providing 15 different resistance levels and 13 workout programs. This machine is great for clients of all functional levels and is designed to be propelled by both the upper and lower extremities, providing a full body workout. It’s swivel chair also allows clients who are dependent or need partial assistance for transfers get to and from the machine with much more ease. For all details on this wonderful device, go to


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